Monday, July 31, 2017


It feels like it happened just yesterday..
As I remember every second so crystal clear
The time slowed down, the voices less heard,
I could hear my heartbeat but rest of the body all numb.
Some things could make sense but most couldn't,
Because I couldn't accept the fact that the battle was over and defeat was marked.
It's over.
But then I started seeing you everywhere..
More than I could see you before..
In the reflection off the back of the gleaming spoon..
In a gesture my sister makes..
In the arch of my lips when I'm stressed..
Through the brush strokes of paintings you have made..
In the tone of my mother, the strongest person you made..
You are still around in our every breath..
There were valleys and peaks I crossed this year,
Felt like you helped me climb the mountains with no fear..
A rebel, a fighter you taught us to be..
You are still in our hearts and mind.. and will always be..
Your Daughter

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