Friday, February 6, 2009

But why?

There are people burning, there are people dying
Shot with the gunshots without any crime
Murders and massacres we find it all time
Ravaging fiery flames turning all sides..
Jump into the trains or stay inside grand hotels
Your next step is what only your destiny can tell
Burning the taxies, random firings in the crowd
Blasts in the buildings, in the places around
People have fought and they still fight
Their spirits remain high, tears rolling in the plight
Panic and pain what all remains
Bodies of people with unknown names
Finding a shelter, looking for a place
Where you can find your second life, a bless again
Killing and harming all day all night
Debating over who’s wrong or right
Blinding each other ending the lives
No humanity in their heart alive
The smoky haze blinds us all
Leaving at the stage where life stall...