Wednesday, June 17, 2009


There you go my frenz..
Leaving the beautiful memories behind..
When I look up to the clouds and sky,
I see your reflection waving me “Goodbye”

When I turn to look around at the table we sat..
Tears roll down on my cheeks.. I remember the coffees we had…
Saying a bye to you makes me numb today..
Who do I talk to? With whom shud I play?

Freaking out for movies, roaming on the streets…
I still remember those Punjabi beats..
Laughing and mocking is all we wud do..
Correcting your pronunciations to get you through…

Watching gals crossing by..
Wishing them from the bottom of ur heart.. shud I give a try? ;)
Noticing their habits.. the colors they wear…
I’ll not tell anyone about the “desi gal”, I swear…

The trio in the rickshaw struggling to sit..
With those idiotic talks, enjoying every bit…
Sitting beside me every thick and thin..
All troubles and sorrows you guys would trim..

This pain is overwhelming today when I’m alone..
Loneliness haunts me every dusk and dawn..
Waiting for another half month..
After then even I’ll be gone…