Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The blend...

And once again it was time to board 747,
this time Seattle to L.A.
You pick your bag,fix it in cabin and take your seat,
when a man comes near to you for a favor to speak,
A request from a lady to swap her place,he said
The awaited "Yes" from me brought smiles on both the faces I met..

Squeezing myself into the seat between the two new men..
I put the seat belt and "Thank God" were the words into my ears then..
before I could wonder who were they,I heard "where are you from?"
and staring at both the faces I uttered "India"

Looking at the left was an American gentleman,
who asked again "where are you from?"
"okay,so u mean where in India. Do you know about places in India?"
and then I noticed a "Rudraksh" in his neck
he knew plenty of places including Mumbai where he had developers of his company..
he turned into a vegetarian 7 years ago, had no processed food also,
he knew Rudraksh were tears of Lord Shiva
and his favorite Gods were Maa Kaali, Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesh
but,not forgetting,he always loved his home town, Chicago [and so loved cheese ;)]
No wonder I saw Maa Kaali sticker on his Mac Notebook on the way..

and the I turned my right, where sat a tall, dark handsome guy
he felt odd one out after hearing our conversations about Rudraksh..
and then we introduced ourselves, "myself Vimal here"
born and brought up in Canada but parents from India..
The conversations began about India about which he hardly knew
and then showed his Id card, "I am an American SWAT corp.
People are afraid of me, but it was always my passion to be one.."
He spoke about being in the front line while being in Iraq
showed his hatred for Taliban, and why he joined this force..
why this resentment was flowing through his blood..
what makes him feel proud to be a part of American SWAT unit..

Thinking to rest then I closed me eyes..
for within a second I just realized..
God must have thought to make million kinds of people..
but he succeeded to make trillions of different kinds..
the mix and match sometime turns so different..
and that the blood in veins are from some other soil..
and your heart and soul follows a different one..
World is full of ironies..
Just came across this one..
and then I opened my eyes with smile on my face.. "they are just two different people" :)