Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Funny and Delightful Love

On a meteor shower night, watching the twinkling stars
We sit in awe to see them through the sun roof of the car
waiting for that shooting star to make our wish come true
romanticized on the Mulholland drive with the depth of love in the midnight blue...

Walking along the mystic river listening to the sound of trickling water
I hold your hand on this moonlit night finding peace in my heart and soul..
Skipping down the streets singing poems, giving rhythm to our love song..
feeling the warmth and gentleness that you embrace..

From The freezing cold to the mountain high,
Two curious roamers on this the endless drive..
the remarkable spontaneity of our plans have always been..
With the irony of scheduled time tables in our mind..

We've hidden in some motel's parking lot..
and dined in the best places we could have thought..
danced all night to steal the show..
songs you rap and hit the floor!

The thrilling drive with those crazy songs
new to old the numbers played in loop
simulating a strange force of attraction..
stopping on a freeway to express compassion..
we fight like nuts while driving to our destination
and then you stop the car, hugging me with a token of endearment..

You are truly a coco"nut" just like your jokes..
hard from outside but soft from the soul..
carrying a heart of gold, you are precious than any gem..
why do you envy others around me, you are very special and not one of them..

In this short span of time, you have been my life's vivacious part..
Never met such a genuine person with fire in his heart..
How easily we give up on these little pieces of happiness..
when I know that a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek can sort it out..

Friday, June 28, 2013

Mere jaisa hai tu bhi..

Tere mere beech mein
ek lakeer ka hai farak
Dilon mein ek jaisa junoon
aur ragon mein jo khoon
kuch anokha rishta ho jaise..

Teri namaaz aur meri aarti mein
jab ehsaas ek jaisa ho
sirf alfaazon ke kareegar alag hain
par jazbaado ka ehsaas wahi..

tere gharonde se jo
mitti ki khushboo aati hai..
mujhe mere vatan ki yaad dilati hai
rishton mein hai wahi mithaas..
maa ka woh ladlapan..
aur nanhein bachchon ki awaaz..
naap tol ke kehte hum shabdon ko..
bado ki izzat karna har baar..

chaahat bhi hai aur aakrosh bhi
jazbaadon mein wahi zindadili hai..
wasta shiddat-e-jazbat se bhi
aankhon mein dikhti wahi narmi bhi hai..

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The threats

Here approaches the threat
before all the regrets
let this summer get over
and the sky be more clear
I will be coming with my knife
to rip you apart
and take away your life
you're gonna fall soon
death reaches through a cold blooded massacre
have I chosen the destiny for you
or you asked for it too
keep that smile on your face
Because tomorrow you might not embrace!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The twinkling love

Did I tell the stars how much I love them
that I fall for them every night until the dawn
and I miss them everyday till the sunlight is gone..
fallen for the darkness has my dear soul
waiting for the night to come
to hopelessly fall in love, once again..
you belong to the other world I know
and I can never tell you how much you mean to me..
but your twinkle does a magic trick
it sings a melodious song in my heart
kindling fire and a hope to live
to do my best in the day
so that in the night we can again meet!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Arre o buzdil shikari..

Fir se jal gaye hain angaare..
Aaj faila hai fir woh dhuaa..
Uthi hain aag ki lapte jahan..
Aur hazaaron dilon mein ek jasba..
 kya kar sakta hai tu buzdil.. 
Maasoomo ko tune raakh kara..
Ek din tera bhi aayega, dekhlena..
Koi nahi aaye tere janaaze pe..
Yeh kehta hai dil mera..